Guide to the Best Coliving Spaces for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

Today’s coliving spaces have a uniquely modern purpose for digital nomads.  They are welcoming environments for travelers to make friends with whom they can share meals and activities.  They also provide coworking environments for remote workers and digital nomads where they can continue to work on the road and maintain productivity.

This article will discuss the different types of coliving spaces available to digital nomads and remote workers who want to travel and take advantage of this convenient coliving and coworking arrangement.  I’ll detail the advantages of co-living spaces and why they are great options for digital nomads.  Finally, I’ll show you the best coliving options around the world.

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Introduction: What is coliving?

Co-living for digital nomads and remote workers is a form of shared accommodation where travelers stay together in a house or apartment with the intention of fostering a sense of community.   Guests or residents are essentially pooling resources in a shared space to improve the available amenities and the overall quality of life.  They will travel independently and arrive and depart on their own schedules, creating an ever-rotating roster of guests.

Digital nomads who choose co-living do so for the social benefits and the plug-and-play lifestyle where one can simply arrive, unpack, and be ready to work and play.  Coliving rental contracts are flexible, often weekly or monthly, allowing for ease of travel.  A single fee covers the rent, utilities, and sometimes meals.

Depending on the coliving arrangements, guests may stay in private rooms with en-suite bathrooms or dorm-like rooms with shared bathrooms.  Alternatively, guests may have a private apartment with a bathroom, kitchen, and living space.  

The foundation of coliving spaces is the communal living area.  The shared living spaces may include a kitchen, lounges, gyms, gardens, and outdoor spaces.  There are often other amenities like laundry facilities, swimming pools, saunas, sports gear or bicycles to loan, and sometimes even chef-prepared meals. 

There are almost always coworking areas in coliving spaces for digital nomads.  Fast internet is a staple of these coworking areas since connectivity is a must for remote workers and digital nomads. 

The Different Types of Co-living Spaces for Digital Nomads

There are generally two types of coliving spaces: houses and multi-unit complexes.

Coliving houses are large houses with multiple bedrooms.  Rooms can be private or shared and may or may not have private bathrooms.  A kitchen, living room, and other common spaces are usually shared.  

Coliving can also take the form of multi-unit complexes, usually coliving apartments or tiny homes, where guests stay in individual fully equipped apartments but share coworking areas and community spaces.  These are often larger buildings that tend to house longer-term residents in addition to nomads.  They often have a restaurant or cafe on site.

Co-living networks are online platforms offering multiple coliving spaces around the world.  Houses are usually vetted by the networks, helping to maintain a certain level of quality.  The online platforms may require the purchase of a membership to book but also tend to offer special discounts and loyalty programs.  They make it easier to find your next accommodation, cutting down on the time needed to research.

How much do Co-living spaces cost?

Just as with hotels and hostels, prices will vary depending on the space.  

In general the longer you stay, the more likely it is discounted.  You may be able to book a short stay for a couple of days or a week or there may be a minimum stay of a month.  

The prices will also vary depending upon the type of room (private or shared, en-suite bathroom or shared bathroom), the month of the year, the types of amenities, and if meals are included.

The advantages of coliving spaces for digital nomads and remote workers

There are many advantages of living in shared housing or coliving spaces.


Sharing a living space increases your chance of making meaningful connections over shared meals, attending events, and just hanging out in the common spaces.  In coliving, there is an emphasis on community and connection. The travel lifestyle can get lonely.  While there are many ways to prevent loneliness for digital nomads, coliving is an effortless way to meet other digital nomads in a relaxed environment. 


You may meet other people interested in your freelance business services or who work in your field.  It is possible to make business contacts and even learn about remote job opportunities.

Companions for adventures

You are surrounded by like-minded people with similar interests who also want to explore the surrounding area.  It is common for guests to go on day trips together.

Increased affordability

Pooling resources can improve the quality of the housing and amenities you can afford.

Convenience, ease of movement, and stable wifi

Coliving houses provide a convenient travel lifestyle.  You can easily book a room with one fee that includes the rent, utilities, and cleaning.  Breakfast or a full board may also sometimes be included.

With coliving networks, it is very easy to set up your next destination from their websites.

Once you arrive you don’t have to worry about setting up utilities (especially wifi).  You can drop off your luggage and get to work without interruption if you need to.  Strong and stable wifi is given priority in coworking spaces.

Knowledge of the area and assistance with getting around

You can learn about the area from other digital nomads who have been at the house for a while or from the hosts.

If you don’t have a car you can either catch a ride from one of the other guests or join the host when they do grocery runs.

Sustainability and eco-conscious travel

Coliving can be a very eco-friendly way to travel. By sharing a house and its common spaces, travelers can reduce their carbon footprint compared to resource-intensive hotels and resorts or staying in a vacation rental alone.

How are digital nomad coliving houses different from digital nomad villages?

Digital nomad villages are communities that share coworking spaces and organize social events for digital nomads who may be living in coliving spaces or individual apartments, Airbnbs, or vacation houses. While digital nomads villages are a newer concept than coliving, they are similar in philosophies. 

Digital nomad villages attempt to create more of a community whereas coliving spaces create a sort of temporary family.  Having a shared space with other people makes it easier to get to know them in a less stressful environment than organized social events in a digital nomad village.  

Both coliving spaces and digital nomad villages are great ways to meet other digital nomads and prevent loneliness on the road during the travel lifestyle.

Where are the best co-living houses for digital nomads around the world?

With new coliving spaces popping up everywhere, the variety of coliving options has massively expanded. Want to stay in a coliving space in a French chateau? You can! How about a luxury villa on the Greek Mediterranean? Or an ultra-modern architectural beauty in Serbia? Can you imagine yourself in a quaint 19th-century Sicilian house? Keep reading to learn about the best coliving houses for digital nomads around the world.

Haven Coliving in Venice Beach, California

The Space: Haven Coliving

Sleeping arrangements: Private rooms

Shared spaces:

  • Gym/yoga studio
  • Coworking space
  • Living room
  • Outdoor courtyard

Why you’ll love it:

  • Stunning California modern architecture and decor
  • The rooftop deck with spa
  • Close to the canals, Marina Del Rey, and the Venice Pier

Check out Haven Coliving on Instagram (@colivingathaven)

Haven Coliving on Youtube

Cloud Citadel in Briancon, France

The Space: Cloud Citadel

Sleeping arrangements: Private bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, shared bedrooms with shared bathrooms, and a dorm with sleeping pods.

Shared spaces:

  • 2 large coworking rooms
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Workout and yoga room
  • Laundry facilities
  • Dining room
  • Living room

Why you’ll love it:

  • The village has narrow streets full of cafes, bars, restaurants, art galleries
  • The house is nestled in the alps in the middle of the Ecrins National Park and every room has a view of the mountains
  • Endless outdoor activities like rock climbing, canyoning, rafting, paragliding, trail running, mountain biking, skiing
  • Biweekly farmers market full of fruit, veggies, bread, cheese
  • Easy to reach by train or bus so you don’t need a car

Check out Cloud Citadel on Instagram (@cloudcitadel_coliving) or Youtube

Chateau Coliving in Houlme, France (Normandy)

The Space: Chateau Coliving

Sleeping arrangements: Private rooms with en-suite or shared bathrooms and camper van spaces

Shared spaces:

  • The castle!
  • Coworking space
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Bicycles available for use
  • Laundry facility

Why you’ll love it:

  • Have you ever wanted to live in a castle?  This is your chance!  This beautifully restored castle has refined furnishings and 80 hectares of gorgeous grounds for walks and other outdoor activities.
  • You can do your work anywhere in the castle
  • The organized afternoon tea parties, seafood lunches, and apéro nights
  • The hosts organize all kinds of activities like bonfires, stargazing, dance nights, music evenings, workshops, game nights, yoga, movie nights, and skillshares
  • The local bakery is only 2 minutes by car

Check out Chateau Coliving on Instagram (@chateaucoliving)

Chateau Coliving on Youtube

Lokal in Tbilisi, Georgia

The Space: Lokal

Sleeping arrangements: Private and shared rooms with en-suite bathrooms

Shared spaces:

  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Laundry facility
  • Coworking space

Why you’ll love it:

  • The digital nomad community!  This place prides itself on fostering a friendly atmosphere, encouraging gatherings, socializing, volunteering locally, and traveling together.
  • A full calendar of events that help you get to know the other guests and the local digital nomad community.

Check out Lokal on Instagram (@lokaltbilisi)

Coconat in Bad Belzig, Germany

The Space: Coconat

Sleeping arrangements: Varied options from high-quality rooms with hand-crafted furniture and en-suite bathrooms to sleep pods in the Tiny House Village, glamping in a circus wagon or floating tent, or camping in a tent or camper van.

Shared spaces:

  • Indoor and outdoor workspaces, meeting rooms, a phone room, and other multi-use workrooms
  • Pub/cafe and library
  • Sauna

Why you’ll love it:

  • The entire complex feels like a summer camp or super hip boarding school
  • There are yoga classes and massages available
  • There are beverages and snacks available while you work as well as 3 vegetarian meals daily made from organic and local produce
  • The spa of Bad Belzig is nearby
  • The natural setting with forests, orchards, a pond, and lots of nearby hiking and cycling paths

Check out Coconat on Instagram (@Coconat.Workation.Retreat)

Coconat Workation Retreat on Vimeo

Greek Escape in Chania, Greece (Crete)

The Space:  Greek Escape

Sleeping arrangements: 2 luxury villas with a total of 6 rooms, each with en-suite bathrooms and balconies

Shared spaces:

  • Infinity pools
  • Laundry room with washing machine and drying racks
  • Coworking area
  • Kitchen fully equipped with all of your cooking needs

Why you’ll love it:

  • These are luxury villas with high-quality furnishings, heated floors, high ceilings, fireplaces
  • The terraces and infinity pools have a view overlooking the Mediterranean
  • Duplex room suites have 2 floors, one with a private living space with a sofa and TV for when you want some alone time
  • Weekly cleaning, fresh linens, and towels
  • The onsite community manager coordinates events and activities for the guests

Check out Greek Escape on Instagram (

Greek Escape on Youtube

Dojo Bali in Canggu, Indonesia (Bali)

The Space: Dojo Bali

Sleeping arrangements: 10 private rooms with en-suite bathrooms and queen or king-size beds, luxury linens, work desks, safety boxes

Shared spaces:

  • Coworking space
  • Communal western kitchen with free tea, coffee, and fruit all day long
  • Lounge room
  • Beautiful outdoor area with swimming pool

Why you’ll love it:

  • Yoga classes and private surf lessons
  • Airport pickup included
  • SIM cards provided
  • Located inside a Balinese village and within walking distance of a gym, 50-meter lap pool, cafes, bars, and health food market.  Access to Pererenan village through the rice fields.
  • Canggu is one of the top 10 cities for digital nomads for a good reason! You’ll find plenty of amenities to enjoy and support your digital nomad lifestyle.

Check out Dojo Bali on Instagram (@dojobali)

Dojo Bali Coliving on Youtube

Cummari in Catania, Italy (Sicily)

The Space: Cummari

Sleeping arrangements: Private rooms with en-suite or shared bathrooms

Shared spaces:

  • Large terrace
  • Coworking space
  • Office/quiet room
  • Laundry facilities

Why you’ll love it:

  • This is a lovingly decorated, intimate 19th-century Sicilian house for female digital nomads, artists, and remote workers.  It is a special place where you can grow lasting friendships with independent female travelers.  Check out this profile on Euronews.

Check out Cummari on Instagram (@cummari_sicily)

Cummari Sicily on Youtube

Playworking in Budva, Montenegro

The Space:  Playworking

Sleeping arrangements: Premium rooms with en-suite bathrooms, shared rooms with bunk beds and en-suite bathrooms

Shared spaces:

  • Indoor and outdoor coworking spaces with wifi, private office for meetings and calls
  • Dedicated kitchenette for coffee and tea in coworking space
  • Dining room for group meals
  • Large living room with TV
  • Laundry facilities

Why you’ll love it:

  • Coworking and coliving house for adventurers who love to bike, hike, kayak, SUP, and do yoga every day.
  • An inventory of bikes, kayaks, and SUPS available for use and included in the price
  • Minimalist design with large common areas, outdoor balconies, BBQ area, and a garden with a gazebo
  • Transfers to shops and pick up and drop off in Tivat and Kotor on arrival and departure are included

Check out Playworking on Instagram (@playworking)

SunDesk in Taghazout, Morocco

The Space: SunDesk

Sleeping arrangements: Private or shared bedrooms with shared bathrooms

Shared spaces:

  • Fully equipped kitchen for cooking
  • Cozy living area for relaxing
  • Private Skype room
  • Indoor and outdoor workspaces with ergonomic chairs, fast wifi, lockable storage, refreshments, and fresh fruit
  • Laundry facilities

Why you’ll love it:

  • Start your days with healthy and delicious Moroccan breakfasts
  • Large ocean-view terrace
  • Located in the sunny surf village of Taghazout
  • Movie, poker, and board game nights, skill sharing workshops, cooking classes, Arabic workshops

Check out SunDesk on Instagram (@sundeskcoworking)

SunDesk on Youtube

Wildwifi in Windhoek, Namibia

The Space: Wildwifi

Sleeping arrangements: Single or twin bedrooms with balcony, terrace, or patio, some with private bathrooms

Shared spaces:

  • Pool, sauna, small gym
  • BBQ grill and pizza oven
  • Laundry machine
  • Kitchen, living room
  • Coworking space and boardroom

Why you’ll love it:

  • Optional weekend activities like camping, climbing dunes, surfing, skydiving, balloon riding over the desert, and quad biking the desert dunes
  • A 13-day Safari tour to see the Big Five animals
  • A unique chance to learn about Namibian culture and meet local people
  • Communal car available

Check out Wildwifi on Instagram (

The Space in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The Space: the Space

Sleeping arrangements: Dorms, private rooms with en-suite bathrooms

Shared spaces:

  • Restaurant and bar
  • Outdoor relaxation and working spaces

Why you’ll love it:

  • Daily yoga and HIIT classes, volleyball, SUP, kayak, dance classes, pool parties, quiz nights, and movie nights all make this place feel like a summer camp for digital nomads
  • Gorgeous outdoor pool wrapping around the bar and outdoor relaxation areas
  • The tropical jungle vibe
  • Plenty of day trip options like windsurfing, whale watching, horseback riding, volcano tours, rainforest canopy tours, snorkeling, and boat cruises

Check out The Space on Instagram (@thespace.sjds)

The Space on Youtube

Arctic Coworking Lodge in Lofoten, Norway

The Space:  Arctic Coworking Lodge

Sleeping arrangements: 8 bunks and 2 private rooms, 2 bathrooms with showers

Shared spaces:

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • 2 Closed meeting rooms
  • Workspace with high-speed wifi, 10 individual desks, and computer monitors

Why You’ll Love it:

  • Endless outdoor adventures around the Lofoten islands are just outside your doorstep – hiking, surfing, climbing, mountaineering, and kayaking. And there is a shed for your adventure equipment.
  • The northern lights!  Enough said.

Check out Arctic Coworking Lodge on Instagram (@arcticcoworkinglodge)

Arctic Coworking Lodge on Youtube

Same Same Creative Living in Lisbon, Portugal

The Space: Same Same Creative CoLiving

Sleeping arrangements: Private and shared bedrooms, studios, and 1- and 2- bedroom apartments

Shared spaces:

  • Artist coworking space
  • Professionals coworking space

Why you’ll love it:

  • The artists’ and professionals’ coworking spaces
  • Located in the Lisbon neighborhood of Mouraria
  • Community focus on sustainability
  • Retro and chic 1960s furniture and decor
  • Lisbon is one of the top 10 cities for digital nomads. The weather, food, culture, and amenities are hard to beat!

Check out Same Same Creative Coliving on Instagram (@samesame_coliving)

Mokrin House in Mokrin, Serbia

The Space: Mokrin House

Sleeping arrangements: Spacious and beautifully designed 6-bed and 2-bed rooms with private bathrooms

Shared spaces:

  • Workspace has 2 levels as well as a terrace
  • Gym

Why you’ll love it:

  • Countryside living in a modern minimalist escape that looks like it is from an interior design magazine
  • An on-site chef prepares 3 delicious meals a day from locally sourced ingredients from their own farm
  • Bio swimming pool for hot summer days
  • Movie nights with a projector, popcorn, and comfy bean-chair seating
  • Bicycles are available for use
  • Airport transfer is included from Budapest, Belgrade, or Timisoara 

Check out Mokrin House on Instagram (@mokrinhouse)

Mokrin House on Youtube

Nine Coliving in La Oratava, Spain (Canary Islands)

The Space:  Nine Coliving

Sleeping arrangements: Shared dorm with 3 beds, single and double rooms with shared bathroom, double room with private bathroom

Shared spaces:

  • Workspace
  • Large living room
  • Patio, rooftop, and garden

Why you’ll love it:

  • Daily fresh breakfast
  • Located in a historical building and town
  • A house dog for cuddles
  • Long term discounts
  • Daily yoga on the roof
  • The varied beach, forest, and desert landscapes of the Canary Islands

Check out Nine Coliving on Instagram (@ninecoliving)

Sun and Co in Javea, Spain

The Space: Sun and Co

Sleeping arrangements: Premium rooms with en-suite bathrooms, shared rooms (2 to 4 people) with shared bathrooms

Shared spaces:

  • Kitchen
  • Living room, patio, foyer
  • Workspace, call booths

Why you’ll love it:

  • 1 in 5 guests return, often more than once a year
  • Winner of the 2021 Best User and Community Experience Coliving Award and 2022 Best Coliving space for Digital Nomads Award
  • Located in a beautiful historical town on the coast with a short walk to the beach
  • 6 social, skillshare, and professional events every week
  • The relaxed Mediterranean way of life.  Enough said!

Check out Sun and Co on Instagram (@sunandco_javea)

Sun and Co on Youtube

Anceu Coliving in Anceu Spain (Galicia)

The Space: Anceu Coliving

Sleeping arrangements: Detached apartment, private room with en-suite bathroom, shared room with en-suite bathroom

Shared spaces:

  • Coworking space with high-speed internet
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Indoor and outdoor dining areas
  • BBQ and pizza oven
  • Swimming pool
  • Large patio and terrace

Why you’ll love it:

  • Coliving in rural Spain with plenty of sunshine and a nearby forest and lake
  • Family dinners on weekdays
  • Online grocery deliveries 

Check out Anceu Coliving on Instagram (@anceu.coliving)

Swiss Escape in Grimentz, Switzerland

The Space: Swiss Escape

Sleeping arrangements: 2 chalets with a total of 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms

Shared spaces:

  • Coworking area, zoom room
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Laundry room
  • Equipment storage room

Why you’ll love it:

  • Located in a charming village and ski resort in the mountains of Switzerland with easy access to hiking, mountains biking, and ski lifts
  • They provide coaching to small business owners
  • No need for a car!  You can reach Grimentz by public transportation (2.5 hours from Geneva).  Once there, it is only a 5-minute walk to supermarkets, restaurants, bars, ski lift.
  • Balconies with views of the surrounding mountains
  • Clean modern Swiss aesthetic 

Check out Swiss Escape on Instagram (

Swiss Escape on Youtube



Selina is by far one of the best organized and most appealing networks of coliving spaces around the world.  The number of destinations and accommodation options makes it a great flexible option for digital nomads who want to explore multiple countries.  Each destination has variable room types but all have coworking spaces with wifi, common kitchens, pools, and wellness classes.

With over 900 coliving homes, has the most extensive collection of coliving options around the world.  It has become somewhat of an Airbnb-type booking platform for coliving spaces.  The spaces are independently run and the quality is variable but you’ll find the widest selection of any website.


Outsite is a membership-only platform ($149/year), meaning you must be a member to stay in their coliving houses. There are multiple locations (30+) to choose from around the world with varied living quarter arrangements including private apartments, studio apartments with kitchenettes and access to common areas in shared houses, and private rooms in houses with shared kitchens, lounges, and workspaces. 

Stays tend to be more expensive than other coliving spaces but the facilities and furnishings are generally of higher quality.  Becoming a member lets you take advantage of discounted rates, early access deals, and credits in their loyalty program. 


Zoku offers high-end modern apartment lofts with workspaces for digital nomads and business travelers who want to socialize in multiple common spaces.  Their current locations include Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Vienna, and Paris. They have private offices and coworking spaces available as well as meeting rooms and event spaces.  Zoku’s spaces are innovative apartment hotels for the digital age.


Cocohub is a website for all types of services digital nomads will find useful.  The site also lists coliving options in locations around the world.


Nomadstays has a searchable database of coliving spaces.  You have to become a member to view but it is free to join.


Coliving.frilingue operates 5 coliving spaces in the Swiss Alps, Montenegro, and Bulgaria for nature-loving digital nomads and remote workers.


Yon is a startup company offering gorgeously decorated coliving spaces with a clean, minimalist aesthetic. They have 13 properties in Lisbon with new spaces opening in Porto and Barcelona. The company plans to build “a global network of spaces that all feel like home, with people that feel like family, and an intense fluidity in how we move around them.” One look at their website and you’ll see that Yon is definitely worth checking out


Coliving spaces are more than just places for digital nomads to live and work while traveling.  They are temporary communities of digital nomads and travelers who work, play, and learn together, creating lasting bonds.  

With flexible contracts for your travel plans, coliving spaces provide a convenient lifestyle in which you can easily book, arrive, and start living, working, and playing.  While the convenience is appealing, the community spirit and sense of family will keep you coming back.

I highly recommend trying out a coliving space on your next travel adventure.  It is truly a unique and memorable way to travel and meet other digital nomads.

Are you planning long-term travel? Check out Deskless Nomad’s Ultimate Long-term Travel Planning Checklist and Timeline article to help you prepare!

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