The Most Inspiring Digital Nomad Conferences and Events of 2022

What are digital nomad conferences?

Digital nomad conferences are gatherings of digital nomads, remote workers, and location independent entrepreneurs. They can be virtual or in-person meetings or seminars to share ideas about issues important to digital nomads. 

These conferences include various combinations of keynote speakers, workshops, Q&A sessions, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, job fairs, after parties, recreational sports, and cultural tours.

In addition to professional development, digital nomad conferences are fantastic opportunities to travel and socialize with other digital nomads.

Why should you attend a digital nomad or remote work conference? (And what makes them inspiring?)

There are numerous reasons to attend professional conferences in any field.  Digital nomad conferences are specifically designed to address the unique issues of this rapidly growing remote work and travel lifestyle. 

When you attend digital nomad conferences you get to meet other digital nomads who have successfully navigated these challenges.  Conferences teach attendees new skills and introduce them to the latest tools and resources needed to stay on top of the trends in remote work.

Other inspiring reasons to attend digital nomad conferences include:

What digital nomad conferences are offered in 2022 and 2023?

Are you looking for digital nomad conferences in 2023? Find more information here.

MARCH 2022


EventThriving Nomads
LocationGran Canaria, Spain
DateMarch 7-8, 2022
TicketsVirtual: FREE
In-person: 125€
Conference + Workation : 480€
DescriptionThis is the first Thriving Nomads conference showcasing 13 Keynote speakers, 8 workshops, masterminds, and networking.  The conference also includes an NGO matching session, giving the chance for local NGOs to pitch what they need to attendees to see if there is a business match within the audience.
Gran Canaria also has a digital nomad village you can check out while there.
Thriving Nomads Conference for digital nomads on Youtube


EventRemote Working Expo
LocationLondon, UK
DateMarch 9-10, 2022
DescriptionThe expo focuses on the future of remote work, teaching how to implement technologies and strategies for remote work, improving productivity, and evaluating performance in remote work. The Remote Working Expo is a part of the Business Revival Series in London which also includes a Business Revival Conference and a Corporate Well-Being Expo.   The expo has high-profile sponsors, including Google and Microsoft.

APRIL 2022


EventDigital Nomad Business Fest by Nomad Escape
LocationCheyumil, Mexico (near Tulum)
DateApril 4-10, 2022
TicketsEvent only: 895€ / $1014
Triple shared room: 1899€ /  $2099
Twin shared room: 2449€ / $2799
DescriptionNomad Escape advertises this event as a combination retreat, network event, brainstorm session, spiritual event, sports and wellness week, and a party.  Expect to be inspired, especially if you are a newbie or aspiring digital nomad.
The Nomad Escape for digital nomads on Youtube

MAY 2022


EventNomadBase Live
LocationPrimošten, Croatia (40 minutes from Split)
DateMay 5 – 15, 2022
Tickets199€ for Nomadbase Pro members and 399€ for guests
Free if you sign up for one year of NomadBase Pro (a business and travel club for digital nomads)
DescriptionA chance to learn the best tools and tactics of other digital nomads in over 20 keynotes and interactive workshops over a week on a beautiful beach in Croatia. There are excursions, fitness activities, and social events scheduled for the evenings. Watch their informational webinar here.


EventWomen in Travel Summit
LocationKansas City, Missouri, USA
DateMay 13-15, 2022 (see description of Europe session in November)
TicketsLive stream + Virtual networking: $199
Creator: $399
Industry: $699
Beginner Bootcamp (add on): $100
DescriptionThis is a conference for travel’s top marketing talent and was first offered in 2014. Creative entrepreneurs, influencers, and industry leaders come together to discuss and collaborate on future innovations in travel marketing.  Forbes describes it as “one of the most inspiring conferences to put on your calendar.”  Aimed at empowering women, people of color, and all marginalized people in the field of travel.
The online event in 2021 featured discussions on topics such as how to monetize with affiliate marketing, how to get your stories published in travel magazines, and how to start a travel blog.  You can watch recorded sessions from April 2021 for free on Youtube.


EventRunning Remote
LocationMontreal, Canada
DateMay 17-18, 2022
TicketsStandard pass: $499 (early bird), $999 after March 31
Premium pass: $699 (early bird), $1400 after March 31
DescriptionCelebrating their 5th year.  The conference showcases 40+ speakers at online and in-person sessions focused on how to grow, manage, and scale remote teams.  The topics are tailored to founders and entrepreneurs who are leading remote teams. Speakers include executives from companies like Zoom, Twitter, Subspace, and Convertkit.  
Running Remote Conference for digital nomads on Youtube


EventDigital Nomad Festival
LocationEdremit, Turkey
DateMay 25-27, 2022 Postponed until 2023
Tickets1000€ (500€ for Turkish residents)
DescriptionA festival celebrating music, art, and culture while presenting topics relevant to entrepreneurs and digital nomads.  The event is in official partnership with the local government in Edremit, Turkey to assist a community in need of economic stimulus.  500+ guests from 100+ countries will participate in a carnival, wellness activities, cultural tours into the local community, networking meetups, and workshops with major industry leaders.  There will also be opportunities for startup businesses to pitch to potential investors. 
Digital Nomad Festival, Turkey


EventEmpire Retreat
LocationSplit, Croatia
DateMay 23-27, 2022
TicketsContact for information
DescriptionAn immersive retreat for small business owners who want to scale their business, optimize profits, and widen their impact.

JUNE 2022


EventTenerife Digital and Nomad Fest
LocationTenerife, Spain
DateJune 2 – 5, 2022
DescriptionPer the website, “A new concept of a hybrid and itinerant festival that will analyze digitization and remote work in today’s society.” Includes speakers, networking events, and concerts. Check out the podcast to get to know the speakers at the event.


EventZagreb Digital Nomad Week
LocationZagreb, Croatia
DateJune 13-19, 2022 Postponed until 2023
DescriptionA week of keynote speakers, presentations, and panels for digital nomads as well as many social functions around the digital nomad-friendly city of Zagreb. Hosted by the Zagreb Tourist Board, Saltwater Nomads, the Digital Nomad Association Croatia, and Total Croatia News.
Zagreb Digital Nomad Week


EventBansko Nomad Fest
LocationBansko, Bulgaria
DateJune 26 – July 3, 2022
Tickets166€ (early bird), 238€ (after mid-June)
DescriptionA celebration of the location-independent lifestyle.  Bansko has grown into a major digital nomad hub in Europe so it is a fitting location for a digital nomad festival.  The event combines keynote speakers, workshops, and presentations with activities like hiking, yoga, speed dating, and after-parties. 
Bansko Nomad Fest for digital nomads on Youtube



EventNomad Summit
LocationTbilisi, Georgia
DateAugust 19-22, 2022 (check with the website or Facebook page – postponed in 2021 due to travel ban)
TicketsTBA (if you sign up for email updates you get 10% off ticket sales)
DescriptionThis summit is advertised as the biggest conference for digital nomads, remote workers, online entrepreneurs, and those currently dreaming about the location-independent lifestyle.  Activities include speakers, networking events, workshops, co-working days, meetups, and group trips.
Nomad Summit for digital nomads on Youtube



EventCamp Indie
LocationBerkshire Mountains, Connecticut, USA
DatePostponed in 2022 but will return in 2023
DescriptionThis event is advertised as “the World’s Most Fun Conference.” Camp Indie is designed as a summer camp-style retreat in the Connecticut Berkshire Mountains to learn the skills and connections needed to grow a location-independent business. The price is all-inclusive of accommodations, food, alcohol, workshops, and all sorts of outdoor activities like paddleboarding, canoeing, ropes course, zip-lining, and waterskiing. The conference is capped at 200 people to maintain an intimate and fun setting. 


Event7in7 Digital Nomad Conference
LocationMontreal, Canada
DateSeptember 7-13, 2022
Description7in7 has a mission to hold 7 digital nomad conferences on 7 continents in 7 years. This is the 5th year and 5th continent of the conference. It is largely women-led and 75% of the past attendees have been women.  Attendance is limited to 100 people and is limited to those who have over a year of nomad experience.  They limit the total to 100 attendees to allow people to better connect with speakers, founders, panelists, and fellow attendees. 
There are workshops, breakout sessions, panels, lunches, and parties.  Topics include starting a podcast, applying for a digital nomad visa, creating revenue streams, self-defense for the traveler, remote work policies and benefits, traveling with kids, and the impact of the digital nomad lifestyle on climate change.



EventDigital Nomad Conference Switzerland
LocationBern, Switzerland and Virtual
DateOctober 1
TicketsLive: CHF 100 (around USD $101)
Virtual: CHF 10 (around USD $10)
DescriptionThe conference goal is to provide practical information about remote and location-independent work. Topics include adapting companies to support the digital nomad lifestyle, how to “office” on the road, insurance for digital nomads, and how nomads can have a local impact with the example of the digital nomad village in Madeira.
The 2019 Digital Nomad Conference Switzerland


EventWomen in Travel Summit – Europe
LocationGdańsk, Poland
DateOctober 7-9, 2022
TicketsCreator: 199€
Industry: 549€
Beginner Bootcamp (add on): 100€
DescriptionThis is the European session of the leading conference for travel’s top marketing talent (see the North American version listed in the month of May). Creative entrepreneurs, influencers, and travel industry leaders come together to discuss and collaborate on future innovations.  The event, which was first offered in 2014, is intended to empower all marginalized people in the field of travel. The online event in 2021 featured discussions on how to monetize with affiliate marketing, how to get your stories published in travel magazines, how to start a travel blog, and other sessions by industry experts.  You can watch recorded sessions from April 2021 for free on Youtube.  



EventRepeople Summit by Nomad City
LocationGran Canaria, Spain
DateNovember 7-9, 2022
DescriptionIn 2021 there were 74 speakers, 35 panels, and talks at 3 hotel locations.  The event is advertised as Europe’s largest remote work conference where attendees can learn about remote work, learn from remote work experts, and network with an international community of business leaders.
Gran Canaria also has a digital nomad village you can check out while there.
Repeople Conference for remote workers on Youtube


EventVirtual Working Summit
DateNovember 7-11, 2022
DescriptionA virtual summit on strategies for success in remote and hybrid work. This year’s topic themes are “hybrid” and “risk.” The conference showcases five virtual business leader interviews and online discussions.


EventNomadBase Live Africa
LocationCapetown, South Africa
DateNovember 7-13, 2022
Tickets€229 for NomadBase Pro members
€399 for Event Only Guests
DescriptionLearn about the best tools and tactics of other digital nomads in over 20 keynote sessions and interactive workshops. You can also join an exclusive 11-day safari before or after the event to explore national parks, go on river cruises, and tour by jeep.
NomadBase Promotion Video


EventFreedom Business Summit
DateNovember 9-10, 2022
TicketsFREE with early bird access
DescriptionKeynotes, panel discussions, and workshops on the best strategies for obtaining second citizenship, international investing, and the freedom sovereign lifestyle.


EventLevel Up Business Retreat by The Nomad Escape
LocationMadeira, Portugal
DateNovember 24 – 30, 2022 (Also check out the April event in Mexico)
TicketsBring a friend 1705€
Twin shared room 2249€
Private room 3199€
DescriptionNomad Escape is producing this event on Madeira, a gorgeous island that has recently emerged as a digital nomad hotspot.  This is an 7-day conference of mastermind talks, skillshares, workshops, networking, parties, and trips to explore the gorgeous island of Madeira.
While in Madeira, make sure to check out Ponto do Sol, the location of Madeira’s first digital nomad village.
The Nomad Escape on Youtube



EventNomad Island Fest by The Nomad Escape
LocationMadeira, Portugal
DateDecember 1 – 7, 2022
TicketsConference only €675
Conference, accommodation, and meals €1479
DescriptionLearn from industry leaders on topics such as creating online courses, building and scaling your business, and growing your network. Join daily fitness sessions, use the dedicated coworking space with fast wifi, and join the after parties.

If you’d like to add your conference or festival to this list please contact me.

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