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While remote work has become more common during the pandemic, work-from-anywhere jobs are still rare.  The guaranteed way to work from anywhere is to become a freelancer, but for those who prefer the security of an employed position, the pickings are slim on most traditional job search sites. 

According to FlexJobs, 95% of remote jobs require employees to be in a specific location.  Some companies may allow brief periods of location-independent work while on an extended vacation.  The reasons most companies are still not allowing location-independent work include tax and legal issues, state-specific licenses or certifications, insurance and benefits issues, and time zone complications.  

In this article, you’ll find a list of the best places to look online for a work-from-anywhere job that fits your desired lifestyle.  If you want to become a digital nomad but don’t know where to start looking for the best work-from-anywhere job, you’ve come to the right place. 

If you’d like to try convincing your current boss to let you work remotely so you can travel, see my post on how to ask your boss to go remote.

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What is a work-from-anywhere job?

A work-from-anywhere job is remote and has no location restriction (city, state, country, or region of country).   That also means it does not require time in a physical office.  You are free to travel the world while performing your job.  In the table below, you will find how each job site labels jobs that allow you to work from anywhere.

Before choosing a work-from-anywhere remote job for the purpose of traveling the world, make sure you understand the tax implications of working remotely while abroad.

Where can you find a work-from-anywhere job?

There are several job sites that specialize in remote jobs.  I’ll detail them in the table below along with some highlights of what they offer.  I’ve also given my personal experience rating to each site. 

Traditional job search sites are also good places to look if you use the “remote filter” in your search.  Don’t forget to look at Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, SImplyHired, and ZipRecruiter using the remote filter.

Job listing sites generally have two business models: the employer pays to post the listing or the job seekers pay a membership fee to access listings.  Job sites that require job seekers to pay a membership often have a larger pool of job listings and will verify the job and company.  They also offer other services like online courses and seminars, access to online networking community with Q&A type format, resume uploading, ability to save jobs in your profile, etc. Overall, the pay-for-access sites did have a much better user experience.  It was interesting to find that multiple sites describe themselves as the #1 remote work site or community.

Digital nomad conferences are another great way to find remote jobs. You can network with other digital nomads and find out about potential jobs. Some conferences include job fairs where you can talk to recruiters about open positions.

Tips for the remote work job application

The job application advice is generally the same for remote work as it is for a traditional job.  It is important to research the company, tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific job, and network to see if you have any connections with people who work with the company.  In your cover letter make sure to highlight your organization and communication skills since these are key for remote work.  

Prepare your LinkedIn profile and make sure it is consistent with your resume.  Pay special attention to your headline so that it describes what you do and what you are looking for.

During your interview, be prepared to explain how you will maintain access to a strong internet connection, make yourself available during company working hours despite being in a different time zone, how dedicated you are to participating in virtual meetings and tracking your work hours and performance.  Have a plan to detail how you will protect the company’s privacy by using a VPN and any required security software.

Make sure that the job will allow you to work from your desired location(s) before accepting a position.  If there are any hybrid work requirements, make sure they will fit in with your travel plans and budget.  If your travel plans take you to a country that prohibits remote work when the company is based in another country, ask about the option of being hired as an independent contractor.  You might even consider researching digital nomad visas before beginning your job search so you understand the restrictions when working while abroad.

While the job search process can be stressful and time-consuming, I hope this table makes the process easier for you.

Remote Job Websites Table

(Best viewed on laptop/desktop)

Remote Job WebsiteListings (as of 2022)Work from anywhere labelPriceUnique highlightsDeskless
Nomad experience rating
Founded 2007
30,000+Work from anywhere$9.95/week, $24.95/monthThis is the place to start your search.  They advertise 100% verified jobs. Not all job listings are remote (also list part-time, freelance, temporary). Can only view partial listing details without creating an account. Better Business Bureau rating: A+ Excellent
Founded 2015
25,000+InternationalFree to job seekers. Premium subscription through FlexJobs for access to more job listingsAlso lists freelance, full and part-time. Partners with Flexjobs to offer premium subscription providing larger database, online courses, coaching, skills tests.  Links go directly to the specific job listing on employer sites. No need to create an account.Excellent
Founded 2014
2,000+Anywhere (filter with “hide US-only jobs”)Free to job seekersAdvertises handpicked remote jobs. Big-name companies like Shopify, Square, Stripe.  Labels jobs with geographic hiring restrictions. Links go directly to the specific job listing on employer sites.Excellent
Founded 2007
28,000+Work from anywhere in the worldFree to join for partial access.  Premium membership $15.99/monthCan filter by 100% virtual companies, independent contractor status, time zone, 100% remote.  Better Business Bureau rating: A+ Excellent
Founded in 2010
Not specifiedWork from anywhereFree to job seekersPrimarily for freelancers.  Advertises that they are an exclusive network of the top 3% of talent.  Must apply to join and be accepted.  You then create a profile that is browsed by employers. High-end salaries.  Excellent
Founded in 2008
Not specifiedAnywhere, Remote friendlyFree to job seekers. Premium membership $15/monthFor creatives and designers.  Advertised as leading site to find and showcase creative work. Listing links go directly to the specific job listing on employer sites. Great for freelancers.  Has separate listings for projects looking for freelance designers.  You can create a profile of your creative skills for employers to browse. Has workshops and courses to improve your design skillsExcellent
Founded in 2011
24,000+Anywhere in the worldFree to job seekersMostly jobs in tech, marketing.  Marketed to employers as having more average applicants per job than other sites (may mean more competition). Has a candidate filter feature for employers so your application may not be seen unless it meets certain criteria.Good
Founded in 2010
Not specifiedRemote possibleFree to job seekersAdvertised as “the world’s largest startup community.”  Best for finding jobs at startup companies. Must create account to view jobsGood
Founded in 2018
4,000+Fully remoteFree to job seekers. $6/month for full unlimited access to unadvertised “secret” jobs“Power search” feature allows you to search unadvertised open vacancies.  Has ads on site.Good
Founded in 2008
1,000+RemoteFree to job seekersFor developers. Has excellent details on remote status like preferred time zone. Also lists visa sponsors and paid relocation. Links go directly to the specific job listing on employer sites.Good
Founded in 2015
700+WorldwideFree to job seekersFrom startups to large companies.  No account or sign up required.  Links go directly to the specific job listing on employer sites. Good
Founded in 2013
26,000+RemoteFree to job seekersLinks go directly to the specific job listing on employer sites.  All jobs are remote but can’t search by geographic restrictions.  You may need to click on a specific job to see if there are geographic restrictions. Good
Founded in 2018
2,800+AnywhereFree to job seekersAdvertises 10x more job filters than the #1 remote job board. Created by a digital nomad for digital nomads.  Provides links to company websites where you must then search for individual job listings. Jobs are not always still available.Good
Founded in 2017
1000+WorldwideFree to job seekersHas free online community where remote job seekers post questions and share information. Lots of video resources and free remote work trainings.  Must sign up for a free account to see listing details.Good
Not specifiedRemote, AnywhereFree to job seekersLinks go directly to the specific job listing on employer sites.  Fewer filter options.  Partners with RemotePOC to help companies hire diverse talent.Good
Founded in 2018
Not specifiedRemote, AnywhereFree to job seekersMust create an account to apply for jobs.  Unique filters like company culture and benefits & perks.  Has an online community. You can showcase your resume and skills and have companies contact you.Good
Founded in 2014
27,000+ (some duplicates)Global, WorldwideFree to job seekers“Curated” job list.  Provides links to company websites where you must then search for individual job listings.  Jobs are not always still available.OK
Founded in 2015
1,000+Worldwide, AnywhereFree to job seekersLists many positions that were closed months ago. Lists geographic restrictions.OK
Founded in 2005
Not specifiedRemoteFree to job seekersAdvertised as a “leading job board” for designers, developers, and creative pros.  Big-name companies like apple, Facebook, Twitter.  Partners with WeWorkRemotely, Dribble, Designer News, job boards.  Caution: listed on BBB as being “out of business” in Florida.OK
Founded in 2015
Not specifiedWorldwideFree to job seekersAdvertised as “#1 remote jobs board in the world.” Verifies jobs from trusted sources. Primarily for develops and engineers but can filter by “non-tech”. Links go directly to the specific job listing on employer sites. Has ads on site.  OK
Founded in 2019
100+ per monthAnywhere in the worldFree to job seekersSalaries are listed in search results. Jobs seem to be on the lower end of the pay scale. Application links may ask you to email a specific person to inquire about a job. Also has an extensive list of remote tools and products, long-term retreats, conferences, and coliving spaces.OK
Founded in 2020
Not specifiedRemoteFree to job seekersMust create account to view jobs. One-stop-shop for digital nomads with event listings, a search tool for coworking spaces, networking community. OK
Founded in 2014
9,000+RemoteFree to job seekersHolds virtual job fairs.  Requires job seeker to find out from the company if job is truly “work from anywhere.”  Must sign up to go to job application.  Search not specific for job title.  I.e. “Writer” and “writing” listed engineering jobs. Not BBB accredited.  OK
Founded in 2017
Not specifiedRemoteFree to job seekersAdvertised as “the largest remote community” with 150k+ job seekers and employers.  The site has a lot of google ads and annoying popups.OK
Table of Remote Jobs Websites

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